How to structure Email logic in a Phoenix codebase

This is your one-stop guide for structuring email-related logic in Phoenix projects. »

Code is a commodity

The economy of scale, a cherished dream of all digital entrepreneurs, is not about scaling code as much as an art gallery is not about multiplying holes in the walls. »

How to connect to Lightning Network with Elixir

Walkthrough the local Lighting Network development environment set up using Polar, LND, and gRPC for the Elixir devs. »

An application model should communicate meaning

As developers, we can achieve mental clarity and enable our professional growth through building meaningful models with our code. Build abstractions that speak on a higher level than implementation details and make your team a bit happier! »

On drawing borders

In this short post, I want to demonstrate an approach to decouple a developed system from external messages that it should handle. »